Oregonlive.com  (November 27 | Written by Dana Tims)

The Willamette Water Supply Program is exploring options for future pipeline routes and is seeking public comment.

A series of open houses was held recently at various points in Washington County, but residents have until the end of the day Friday, Nov. 28, to participate in an online “virtual” open house. Visit’s the site’s webpage for full information.

Program officials hope to get as much information from residents as possible about future pipeline routes they say will be needed to meet water demands that are expected to double by 2050.

The long-term project will expand the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant at Wilsonville by adding pipelines and storage to serve Tualatin Valley Water District and Hillsboro Water customers.

Other water providers in the region are also looking at their options for future participation.

Although construction for most of the pipeline will not begin for several years, the open houses provide an opportunity for people to provide feedback on the possible routes and learn more about the Willamette Water Supply Program.

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