The Regional Water Providers Consortium Presents a Case for Conservation

"Even if your community uses more than one water source, the amount of water available from each source may vary from month to month, and the amount of water used by households in the summer months can be two to three times more than what is used in the winter months.

It is important to keep sufficient water in the rivers and streams to meet the needs of fish and aquatic life, as well as for other users. What can you do? Be smart with the water you use so that there is plenty to go around."

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Customers Tips

Low flow toilets and efficient washing machines and dishwashers help customer keep water use to a minimum. Learn more about your community’s conservation and rebate programs at:


Take a room-by-room tour of our water house and find a variety of indoor and outdoor water conservation tips that will help you save water, time and money. (From the Regional Water Providers Consortium)