The Willamette Water Supply Program is coordinating with Washington County to install portions of the new water pipeline during the upcoming widening of Tualatin-Sherwood and Roy Rogers roads. This partnership demonstrates the power of public sector collaboration in Washington County. This new supply will serve the Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and City of Hillsboro customers and will be paid for by those ratepayers. Benefits of the collaboration include:

  • Reduced traffic impacts— Pipe installation will occur while the County performs the already planned road work, allowing the roadway to be impacted only once for two projects. Combining efforts allows for pipeline construction to proceed more efficiently with less time required for site preparation.
  • Cost savings—Partnering with Washington County enables cost savings for both organizations by more efficiently utilizing each organization’s existing funds. As a result, the County will be able to complete more road widening work and the Willamette Water Supply Program will reduce its overall costs.

The Tualatin-Sherwood Area Pipeline Project is a 5.3-mile section of the 30-mile Willamette Water Supply System pipeline, about half of which is a partnership with Washington County and City of Sherwood. This section of the pipeline, a 66-inch welded steel pipe with a cement lining, will be constructed in coordination with the Washington County Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program projects on Tualatin Sherwood Road.

The Tualatin-Sherwood Area Pipeline Project includes pipeline installation during Washington County’s widening both east and west of the Highway 99W and Tualatin-Sherwood Road intersection. County road improvements include widening to five travel lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, storm drains and street lighting.

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