The Willamette Water Supply Program and Washington County have completed the joint 124th Avenue extension and water pipeline project! The new road extension includes one travel lane in each direction from Wilsonville to Tualatin-Sherwood Road to improve regional mobility and provide access to future commercial and industrial lands between Tualatin and Sherwood. Additionally, safety improvements were completed on Tonquin and Grahams Ferry Roads.

This partnership highlights the shared benefits of government collaboration by reducing traffic and construction impacts, and saves taxpayers and ratepayers money.  To learn more read the January 2018 124th Avenue Extension Fact Sheet.

Construction of the pipeline and new roadway began in  2016, and was completed in late 2018.

This section of Willamette Water Supply Program pipeline is capped and filled with water to provide pipeline stability until the rest of the Willamette Water Supply System is complete and online in 2026.

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