Scholls Area Pipeline Project

The Scholls Ferry Road Pipeline Project is a 7.2-mile section of the overall 30-mile Willamette Water Supply System pipeline. The Willamette Water Supply Program team is coordinating with public and private road improvement projects in the Roy Rogers, Scholls Ferry and Tile Flat Road areas to install the new water pipeline. Partnering on these road projects reduces community and neighborhood impacts by eliminating the need for multiple construction projects.

This section of pipeline is being designed and constructed in three phases:

  1. The pipeline north of Beef Bend Road to Scholls Ferry Road (PLM 5.1) is a partnership with Washington County’s Roy Rogers Road widening project. Visit Washington County’s website for information about road improvements. Road construction began in 2018. Pipeline construction is scheduled to begin in late summer/early fall 2019.
  2. Construction of the pipeline from Scholls Ferry Road to Grabhorn Road (PLM 5.2) is being coordinated with new residential development along Scholls Ferry and Tile Flat Roads. Construction will begin in summer 2019.
  3. Design of the third phase, Grabhorn Road to Farmington Road, via Clark Hill Road (PLM 5.3), 3. will begin in 2019. This section of the pipeline will travel north along Grabhorn Road to the new water storage tanks on Cooper Mountain, and then west to Clark Hill Road then north to Farmington Road. Alternative alignments are still being studied in this pipeline section to address concerns about constructability along Farmington Road.

Scholls Area Pipeline Project Fact Sheet

Construction Updates

Construction Zone Speed Limit Reduction

The speed limit on SW Scholls Ferry Rd and SW Tile Flat Rd has been reduced to 40 mph. Please drive carefully.


Traffic impacts on Tile Flat Road. Starting September 19 through October 4, construction on Tile Flat Road will require traffic to be flagged with occasional delays.


Traffic impacts on Scholls Ferry Road include traffic barriers to separate traffic from trench work, reduced speed limit, occasional flaggers and traffic delays.

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Program Timeline

Developing the new Willamette water source will take over a decade.

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Willamette Water Supply Program