Scholls Area Pipeline Project

The Willamette Water Supply Program Scholls Area Pipeline section consists of more than seven miles of 66-inch-diameter welded steel pipe.

The first phase of construction is a partnership with Washington County’s Roy Rogers Road widening project from Scholls Ferry south past Bull Mountain Road. Road construction is scheduled to begin in 2018 with pipeline installation starting in 2019.

The coordinated and combined construction of the pipeline and the road widening will reduce project costs. Partnering opportunities also reduce community and neighborhood impacts by eliminating the need for multiple construction projects.

More information about the County’s road project can be found on the County’s website.

Future phases of the pipeline are in the design phase with construction scheduled to begin in 2021.

Scholls Area Pipeline Project Fact Sheet


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Program Timeline

Developing the new Willamette water source will take over a decade.

Willamette Water Supply Program

Willamette Water Supply Program