Oregon’s newest and most technologically advanced water treatment plant comes online in 2026.
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Oregon’s newest and most technologically advanced water treatment plant

  • Capacity

    60 mgd (initial); 120 mgd (buildout)—serving a population of 370,000 (current) and 440,000 (2045)

  • Multiple treatment steps

    Intake screens, enhanced sedimentation, ozone, granular activated carbon, sand filter, UV and chlorine disinfection

  • Seismic resilience

    Capable of producing drinking water within 48 hours of 12major event; leading the way for resilience planning and design

  • Year-round, high quality supply source

    Willamette River at Wilsonville (37,400 cfs average flow—19th in volume in the U.S., 10th best in water quality)

Hillsboro Water—Where Team Members Connect and Grow

  • Continuous Growth and Support

    I have a job that I enjoy and is something I can be proud of. I look forward to work. I feel the job offers continuous growth and the City supports my learning and career advancement.”

  • Culture of Respect

    We hold ourselves to an organizational culture of respect and pride in our work.”

  • Pride in Our Service to the Community

    Being a part of what the Water Department does in our community is an honor. I feel so lucky to be involved.”

Hillsboro Water Team
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The Beautiful Communities of Hillsboro and Sherwood, Oregon

  • Top-rated

    Rated among the top 3 best places to live in Oregon!

  • Prosperous

    Median household incomes of $82,300 (Hillsboro) and $107,500 (Sherwood) - compared to a U.S. median of $62,800

  • High performing public schools
  • More affordable than many West Coast communities