Release date: 09/15/2015
Sponsored by: Department of Land Use & Transportation , Engineering & Construction Services Division


Rainy, windy weather forecasted

The Wednesday Groundbreaking for the 124th Avenue Extension and Willamette Water Supply Pipeline projects is cancelled due to anticipated inclement weather.

Construction for both the road and pipeline projects is scheduled to begin later this year and be completed in 2018. The Willamette Water Supply Program will fund the pipeline construction and a proportionate share of other project costs. Washington County’s Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) will fund road construction work.

124th Avenue Extension, Tonquin Road and Grahams Ferry

The County’s $30 million road project will construct a new two-lane arterial between Tualatin-Sherwood and Grahams Ferry roads. Safety improvements will also be made to sections of Tonquin and Grahams Ferry roads, totaling 4.4 miles of new and/or improved roadway. The roadway extension is designed to provide another route connecting Tualatin and Wilsonville, along with access to land designated for future industrial and employment development in the cities of Tualatin, Sherwood, and Wilsonville, including the Basalt Creek area. For more information about the 124th Avenue Extension Project, visit http://124thproject.com or call 503-846-7800.

Willamette Water Supply Program

The first section of the more than 30-mile-long Willamette Water Supply system will be installed in the new road right-of-way. This is the first section of the earthquake-resilient water transmission pipeline to be built as part of the Willamette Water Supply Program.The Willamette Water Supply Program is a partnership between Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and the City of Hillsboro to develop an additional source of drinking water from the mid-Willamette River in Wilsonville. For more information about the Willamette Water Supply Program, visit www.OurReliableWater.org or call 503-848-3000.



Melissa De Lyser, Communications Coordinator