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Metzger Pipeline East: Better Together

Cost Effective – Minimizes Impacts – Coordinated - Combined

Combined Construction

  • The project consists of three construction projects combined into one partnership project that will result in cost savings and fewer community and environmental construction impacts. The project consists of:
  • The Willamette Water Supply System (WWSS) 48-inch eastern pipeline connection—connects the new system to TVWD’s existing system.
  • TVWD Metzger Pipeline—a capital improvement project to serve the Metzger area that was planned to be permitted and built as a separate TVWD project that has been integrated into the MPE_1.0; and
  • City of Beaverton 16-inch pipeline—this new water line improves system resiliency across a portion of Beaverton combined with needed roadway and pedestrian improvements on Western Avenue.

Coordinated Construction

  • ODOT 217 Auxiliary Lane Project coordination streamlines needs for both agencies

Better Together.

Building Smarter.

Maximizing cost effectiveness:

  • Combined projects save money through sharing construction costs

Reducing environmental impacts:

  • Refined pipeline route limits construction near wetlands
  • Tunneling beneath Fanno Creek protects the environment

Reducing community impacts through combined and coordinated construction:

  • Integrating Beaverton 16-inch waterline reduces construction
  • Merging TVWD’s needed Metzger connection with the WWSS’s planned eastern connection eliminates a need for a second pipeline through the area and streamlines construction
  • Synchronizing Western Ave roadway improvements lessens impacts through one coordinated effort
miles of 48-inch pipeline
miles of 16-inch pipeline
miles of 24-inch pipeline
HWY 217 (2), Fanno Cr (2), and WES RR (1)

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Greenway Neighborhood Association Committee Meeting, April 21 2022

WWSS-COB COB_1.0 Project Map IGA Exhibit 1-1
  • City of Beaverton 16-inch waterline installation partnership
  • Cost savings/ eliminate rework through combining construction
  • Reduced impact duration by combining construction


Metzger Pipeline East anticipated to be complete before ODOT’s OR217 construction

  • ODOT coordination
  • Tunnel under OR217 must be completed before ODOT’s construction of Stormwater Detention facility

Western Ave Roadway work in 2021/2022


Typical Pipeline Construction

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  • PIPE MATERIALS: Steel with welded joints, cement mortar lining, polyurethane coating
  • TYPICAL LENGTH: 48 feet
  • DIAMETER: Mostly 66-inch, but also some 48-, 24-, and 16-inch
  • TYPICAL WEIGHT: Approximately 20,000-25,000 pounds depending on steel thickness - about the weight of an armored car

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