FAQ: Construction

What will be the impacts on traffic during construction?

Traffic will be impacted during construction of the more than 30 miles of water pipeline. As much as possible, pipeline construction will be coordinated with the planned repair and replacement of roads. This coordination with ongoing road construction saves ratepayers and taxpayers money and reduces the impact on the traveling public. During construction, travelers will experience delays from detours or flaggers and noise from construction equipment. Access to businesses, homes and emergency service providers will be maintained.

What is the 124th Project?

The 124th Avenue project, managed by Washington County, built a new road between Tualatin-Sherwood Road and Grahams Ferry Road. The project also included safety improvements on Tonquin Road and Grahams Ferry Road. In partnership with the road project, the Willamette Water Supply Program installed a section of new pipeline during the same construction period to minimize neighborhood impacts. The project was complete in 2018. Coordinating construction saves ratepayers and taxpayers millions of dollars.

Does this impact wetlands? Where?

Some of the potential routes may impact wetlands. If wetlands are impacted, local, federal and state environmental permits will be required. These permits often require wetland mitigation measures.

Have above ground or over water (Coffee Creek wetlands) pipeline routes been ruled out? Reasons such as vandalism, etc.?

Willamette Water Supply Program staff are developing plans for a robust, reliable and cost effective water supply system. Due to the large pipe diameter (mostly 66″ in diameter), installation of the transmission main above ground was not considered because of potential for vandalism, visual impacts and potential impacts to wildlife habitat.

When will the new water supply be available to serve customers?

TVWD, the City of Hillsboro and the City of Beaverton have plenty of water to serve current customer needs. The mid-Willamette source will be complete in 2026.

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