Contracting Opportunities

The Willamette Water Supply Program will provide several business and contracting opportunities that benefit the local economy, provide jobs, and support regional economic development. Please check back regularly for updates.

Program Map & Schedule

Upcoming Events

  • March 22; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Information booth at the Governors Marketplace Conference, Salem Convention Center, 200 Commercial Street Southeast, Salem.
  • May 10; 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Information booth with City of Hillsboro for Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs 30th Annual Luncheon and Trade Show. Oregon Convention Center, Hall D, Portland.

Upcoming Opportunities/Timeline

The Program schedule includes the various construction components needed through 2026 when water will begin to flow to Tualatin Valley Water District and City of Hillsboro water customers through the new water system. This gives the business community a look into the timing of opportunities for the more than one-billion dollar program. More than 30 procurements for design, construction, and related supporting services are expected, and additional business opportunities will result for sub-contractors and suppliers.

The Willamette Water Supply Program (WWSP) has pre‐qualified nine prime contractors to bid on upcoming water transmission pipeline construction. Procurement timing and approach are subject to change as WWSP needs evolve.

Open Solicitations

WTP_1.0Notice of upcoming Alternative Delivery RFP
WTP_1.0Design RFP

Water Pipeline Work

PackageAnticipated ProcurementAnticipated Advertisement
PLM_1.1Construction ITB1st half 2018
PLM_1.2Construction ITB2nd half 2018
PLM_1.3Construction ITB1st half 2020
PLM_4.1Construction ITB2nd half 2019
PLM_4.2Construction ITB1st half 2020
PLM_4.3Construction ITB2nd half 2021
PLM_5.1Construction ITB1st half 2018
PLM_5.2Construction ITB1st half 2019
PLM_5.3Construction ITB1st half 2020
PLW_1.2Construction ITB2nd half 2018
PLW_1.3Construction ITB2nd half 2019
PLW_2.0Design RFP1st half 2019
PLW_2.0Construction ITB1st half 2021
PLE_1.0Construction ITB1st half 2020

Facility Work

PackageAnticipated ProcurementAnticipated Advertisement
RWF_1.0CM/GC RFP1st half 2018
WTP_1.0Design RFP1st half 2018
WTP_1.0CM/GC RFP2nd half 2018
RES_1.0Design RFP2nd half 2020
RES_1.0Construction2nd half 2022
DCS_1.0Design RFP2nd half 2019
DCS_1.0Construction2nd half 2021

Support Services

ServiceAnticipated ProcurementAnticipated Advertisement
Check back soon

Awarded Contracts

Package/ServiceProcurementAwarded To
PLM_2.0Construction ITBEmery & Sons Construction
PLM_3.0Construction ITBKerr Contractors Inc.
PLM_4.0Design RFPBrown & Caldwell
PLM_5.0Design RFPCH2M
PLW_1.0Design RFPKennedy/Jenks Consultants
PLW_1.1Construction ITBKerr Contractors Inc.
Program Management
Environmental Consulting
RFPDavid Evans Associates Inc.
Real Estate Support
Raw Water Facility
Physical Modeling Study
RFPNorth West Hydraulic Consultants Inc.
PLM_1.1 Pipe Pre-purchaseRFPNorthwest Pipe Company
PLM_1.1 Valve Pre-purchaseRFPHD Supply Waterworks LTD
3rd Party Testing Services, PLW_1.1RFPNorthwest Testing Inc.
PLM_1.0Design RFPHDR Inc.
Program Legal ServicesRFPCable Huston LLP
Program Construction Management ServicesRFPStantec
RWF 1.0 DesignDesign RFPBlack & Veatch Corporation
Program Land Surveying
Support Services
RFPDavid Evans Associates Inc.
PLE_1.0 DesignDesign RFPBrown & Caldwell


Our Reliable Water

Program Timeline

Developing the new Willamette water source will take over a decade.

Willamette Water Supply Program

Willamette Water Supply Program