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The Cornelius Pass Road Pipeline Project (PLW_2.0) is a 3.3-mile section of pipeline between Frances Street and the Tualatin Valley Water District connection point just south of Highway 26. About 900 feet of this section of the pipeline will cross the northeast corner of Orenco Woods Nature Park (OWNP).

WWSS Project Pivots in Response to COVID-19 (May 2021)
The partners are dedicated to managing project costs to build this additional water supply source. In response to utility revenue losses experienced by each of the partners due to the prolonged COVID Pandemic, construction of several WWSS projects will be phased in order to defer a portion of the WWSS construction costs.This phased approach will not delay delivery of WWSS water to TVWD, Hillsboro, and Beaverton customers by July 2026. 

This cost management approach not only stabilizes expenditures, but also reduces anticipated near-term water rate increases for each of the three partners’ ratepayers.

Partners continue to be committed to completing the WWSS on time and delivering this additional seismically resilient water supply to Washington County customers in 2026.

Cornelius Pass Road Pipeline Anticipated Project Timeline

The WWSS will update these milestones monthly. More details will be known when a contractor is hired, and a construction schedule is established.

  • Project Communication, Outreach, and Engagement: Ongoing
  • Project Design: Complete
  • OWNP Wildlife Management Plan Development: Complete
  • Cherry Lane Staging Area Land Use Permit: Approved
  • Old Rail Corridor Section Mowing Schedule:
    Each year in early May, June, July, and September
  • OWNP Wildlife Management Quarterly Meeting: Summer 2022
  • Meet the Contractor Event: Summer 2022
  • Initial Construction Mobilization: Fall 2022
  • PLW 2.1 through OWNP and old rail corridor complete: Late 2024

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