Wilsonville Area Pipeline Project

The Wilsonville Area Pipeline Project is a 3.3-mile section of the overall 30-mile Willamette Water Supply System pipeline that is being built in close coordination with the City of Wilsonville. The pipeline through Wilsonville is comprised of three sections.

Construction is planned to occur in stages, with traffic control changing as work moves through the area. This approach will enhance safety by limiting construction to smaller work areas to manage and minimize traffic and community disruptions.

Crews will also install community improvements in some areas by upgrading some crosswalks, installing northbound turn lanes at SW Kinsman Road at Wilsonville Road and at SW Boeckman at 95th Avenue to alleviate traffic congestion and improve public safety.

Phase 1: Wilsonville Road (PLM_1.1)

  • Construction began in fall 2019 and will complete in early 2021. This portion of the project begins at Arrowhead Creek near the entry to the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant and ends near Wilsonville Road.

Wilsonville Road (PLM_1.1) Project Fact Sheet

Phase 2: Garden Acres Road to 124th (PLM_1.2)

  • Construction began in summer 2019, with completion anticipated  in early 2021. This portion of the project begins just south of Garden Acres and Ridder roads and ends near Day Road.
  • This phase of the pipeline is an opportunity project with the City of Wilsonville. Staff from the City of Wilsonville and Willamette Water Supply Program have been coordinating closely to design and build the Willamette Water Supply pipeline with the City of Wilsonville’s Garden Acres Road half street improvements.
  • The street improvements will support Wilsonville’s economic development efforts of the Coffee Creek Industrial Area. Combining the pipeline and street improvements into one well-coordinated effort will reduce the number of construction project impacts and save money through sharing costs.

Garden Acres Road (PLM_1.2) Fact Sheet

Garden Acres Road/Pipeline Construction Notice

Phase 3: Wilsonville Road to Garden Acres (PLM_1.3)

  • Construction is planned to begin in 2022, with completion anticipated in 2024. This project will tie together the remaining portion of pipeline through Wilsonville, utilizing an alignment along Kinsman Road, Boeckman Road, 95th Avenue, and Ridder Road.

Wilsonville Road to Garden Acres (PLM_1.3) Fact Sheet

Wilsonville Road Pipeline Construction (PLM 1.3) Post Card


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