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Reducing the Impacts of Construction

The Willamette Water Supply Program is committed to reducing construction impacts for our neighbors. Most of the System’s facilities are pipes that are placed underground, often in existing roadways to reduce impacts to private property. Pipeline construction in roadways frequently requires temporary road or lane closures. We understand that this is an inconvenience to neighbors and the travelling public. To help the public prepare, the Willamette Water Supply Team will:

  • Inform the public through mailings, newsletters, twitter posts, website posts, and sharing information through partner agencies like Washington County, etc.
  • Post Roy Rogers Road area construction updates via www.getusthere.org
  • Communicate with Citizen Participation Organizations
  • Hold “meet the contractor” public meetings
  • Coordinate with transit agencies, school districts, emergency responders and others
  • Train construction and field staff about communication protocols to route questions and provide feedback quickly
  • Make sure public outreach staff are available when needed to help ease concerns of the travelling public and nearby property owners



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