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Transitions in store for Willamette Water Supply Program

The Willamette Water Supply Program team is ramping up for the peak years of construction. In 2022, Program staff will be managing 10 construction projects including about 12 miles of pipeline, the water treatment plant, two 15-million-gallon water tanks, and the raw water pumping facility. This big shift from planning and design to construction is exciting for our team as we look ahead to our 2026 completion.

Another transition for the Program is upcoming changes in leadership. After many successful years in the water industry, Tualatin Valley Water District CEO Mark Knudson and Hillsboro Water Director Kevin Hanway are retiring in 2019. Their leadership and vision have created strong organizations and a highly successful Program. Recruitment is underway for the next leaders of these organizations. Since its beginning, Mark and Kevin provided the vision to establish the WWSP and strong support...


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Developing the new Willamette water source will take over a decade.

Willamette Water Supply Program

Willamette Water Supply Program